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The 101 Lessons are brief, simple tasks which can be completed in less than an hour or two. The purpose is to enable individuals to move away from anger, discouragement, and emptiness toward hope, optimism, and positive well being. They have been taken from the field of positive psychology and draw on nine themes:

Altruism and Compassion – rose

Gratitude, – lime green

Happiness and Optimism – blue

Forgiveness – gold

Savoring the Natural World – green

Letting Go of Anger – orange

Self Acceptance – yellow

Managing Fear and Anxiety – periwinkle blue

Developing Positive Meaning in Life – purple

They are ideal for psychotherapy patients but are uplifting for all people.


2 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. This is an excellent resource.

    Martin Seligman

    • Dr. Seligman,    Thanks for commenting.  I need to get more followers to the blog.  If I can, I may eventually be able to publish the 101 Lessons.

      Would you be willing to ask students in Positive Psychology classes to sign onto the blog and use the lessons in the course?

      Elizabeth Ellis

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